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AOC is the leading global supplier of resins, gel coats, colorants and additives for the composites industry

About AOC

Who We Are

AOC is a leading global supplier of resin chemistries for composites and cast polymers which have revolutionized the industries they serve with superior strength, durability and resistance.

Our comprehensive offering of specialty resins, colorants, and gel coats has transformed our industry with exceptional quality, flexibility and efficiency. We continue to customize our technologies for emerging economies and identify new applications for them in frontier markets.

Company History

AOC's foundation began in 1961 with the Alpha Corporation of Tennessee. In 1994, a joint venture between The Alpha Corporation and Owens Corning's resins division created the new company, which was named Alpha Owens-Corning (AOC).

In 1998, the Alpha Corporation purchased Owens Corning’s interest in the joint venture to become the sole parent company of AOC. The same year, AOC acquired UK-based Hawk Ltd, now AOC UK, to expand its global presence and begin contract manufacturing relationships overseas.

Today, AOC's products are manufactured in facilities strategically located in North America, Europe and Asia. Our comprehensive product offering is supported by our global logistic network, which provides customers worldwide with efficient service, customized solutions and complete supply chain management.

Guiding Principles

AOC’s strongest assets are its dedicated and professional people. Each individual plays an active part in delivering the unparalleled customer support, technical expertise and product quality that define our company.
The people of AOC are guided by three core principles:

Customer Satisfaction:

We add value to our products and services by maintaining complete responsiveness to our customers’ needs.

Technology Leadership:

We invest more than any other resin company in new technology to provide competitive advantages for our customers.

Continuous Improvement:

We seek continuous improvement to our products and services to ensure our customers’ long-term success.

World-Class Products

All AOC manufacturing facilities are certified as meeting the quality management standards of ISO 9001:2015. Our proprietary manufacturing process control program sets the world standard for producing resins of exacting consistency.

Our wide range of chemistries and formulations provide a spectrum of process variables and end-use properties. We have resins for every composite and cast polymer manufacturing process and market segment.


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