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AOC is the leading global supplier of resins, gel coats, colorants and additives for the composites industry

AOC Showcases Low Density SMC at SPE ACCE

AOC will showcase a revolutionary new resin system for low-density sheet molding compound (SMC) at the 15th-annual SPE Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition (ACCE) in Novi, Michigan on September 9-11, 2015.   Low-density SMC is helping the transportation industry create lighter, more fuel efficient vehicles to meet Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFÉ) standards.

Composite formulations based on AOC’s new resin system are the lightest weight Class A SMC systems currently in production.  The below chart illustrates how AOC’s low density SMC performs compared to other traditional materials. 


Specific Gravity
% Mass Reduction vs Standard SMC
% Mass Reduction vs Steel



With a specific gravity of 1.2, this low density system offer weight savings comparable to aluminum, but unlike aluminum — SMC allows manufacturers to avoid the expense and disruption of re-tooling their assembly processes.

“AOC’s advances in SMC resin technology have produced a superior system that is helping automakers meet their fuel efficiency goals,” said Mike Dettre, Business Manager. “We’re serving their needs with our high-volume production capabilities, supported by exceptional customer service.”

In addition to its benefits in design, manufacturing and operation, AOC offers customized formulations with expert technical support.

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AOC is a leading global supplier of resins, gel coats, colorants, additives for composites and cast polymers.  AOC knows technology, lives quality and delivers service better than any other resin supplier.  For more information, phone Leslie Beck at (901) 854-2318, e-mail, or go to


SPE ACCE is the world’s leading automotive composites forum. The event provides excellent networking opportunities and draws speakers, exhibitors, and attendees from the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

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