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Green Product Technologies


To help customers go green with more sustainable manufacturing practices and processes, AOC developed EcoTek® Green Technologies. EcoTek® materials are engineered to be “drop in” alternatives for petrol-based resins. These green alternatives have processing characteristics and mechanical properties equal to or better than traditional materials, allowing your operation to achieve more environmentally responsible, sustainable results. EcoTek® products are also backed by the industry’s best manufacturing, service, sales and technical support team.

Green Product Technologies EcoTek materials achieve sustainable status in two different ways:

Renewable Content
Renewable Content
Recycled Content
Recycled Content

Renewable Content: AOC offers several EcoTek® resins that use up to 30% bio-derived, renewable resources instead of crude oil or natural gas.

Recycled Content: Up to 45% of our resin content can be post-industrial recycled material.

Many EcoTek® products use a combination of sustainable technologies for further resource savings. contact us today to learn more about EcoTek® EcoTek green resins, and how they can help your company go green. Additional information, including a complete list of EcoTek® product offerings and a link to our Green Resins Advisor, is available at .

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