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Sustainability Leadership

Green Technology Now - AOC Leads the Way in Sustainable Manufacturing

Green Technology Commitment

For more than three decades, AOC has pioneered sustainable manufacturing practices-from our early development of resins made from recycled PET in the 1980s, to our complete line of EcoTek® Green Technologies that's still breaking new ground today. Sustainability remains at the core of our culture through green ideas in product technology, manufacturing and corporate attitude.

In an effort to minimize our environmental impact, AOC employs the most advanced technologies to control manufacturing emissions. Using Six Sigma Lean tactics, we identify and implement solutions that reduce energy consumption and waste. Leaner manufacturing processes lower fossil fuel consumption, prevent emissions and reduce waste disposal.

AOC's focus on sustainability is also demonstrated at our LEED® Silver certified World Headquarters. The building was designed and built with sustainability as the guiding design principle:

  • Recycled and sustainable materials were used wherever possible.
  • Energy efficient windows, room temperature monitors and renewable wood flooring are key components.
  • Heating and air conditioning are generated through geothermal energy, further reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

Our commitment to green technology doesn't end at our own doors. We help our customers go green through our EcoTek products. AOC's scientists are making quantum leaps in green manufacturing, developing resins that provide more sustainable materials for composites and cast polymers. For more details and a complete listing of EcoTek resins and gel coats, go to .

We are a sustainability leader in the composites industry. AOC participates in our industry association to set benchmarks for measuring and reducing the carbon footprint of composites. What's more, composite solutions are generating renewable energy, making transportation more fuel efficient, reducing wasteful corrosion, and providing cleaner air and water to make the world environment more sustainable.

Frederick S. Norman
Chief Executive Officer

Green Product Technologies


To help customers go green with more sustainable manufacturing practices and processes, AOC developed EcoTek® Green Technologies. EcoTek® materials are engineered to be “drop in” alternatives for petrol-based resins. These green alternatives have processing characteristics and mechanical properties equal to or better than traditional materials, allowing your operation to achieve more environmentally responsible, sustainable results. EcoTek® products are also backed by the industry’s best manufacturing, service, sales and technical support team.

EcoTek materials achieve sustainable status in two different ways:

Renewable Content
Renewable Content
Recycled Content
Recycled Content

Renewable Content: AOC offers several EcoTek® resins that use up to 30% bio-derived, renewable resources instead of crude oil or natural gas.

Recycled Content: Up to 45% of our resin content can be post-industrial recycled material.

Many EcoTek® products use a combination of sustainable technologies for further resource savings. Contact us today to learn more about green resins and how they can help your company go green.

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