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Acrylic Bonding

The use of acrylic is ubiquitous in the manufacture of bathtubs, shower enclosures, spas, and many other applications. The bonding process is a critical component and requires specially formulated bonding compounds. At AOC we are the developers of the most technologically advanced bonding resins for thermoplastics. All of our products are highly engineered with strength enhancing and cost saving characteristics not found in competitors' products. At AOC, we partner with clients to more effectively develop resins that are designed to optimize their specific applications.

  • Altek® C520-B: Polyester Resin for Acrylic Tubs, Spas and Showers (PDF - 132KB)
  • Altek® C541-D : Low Styrene Acrylic Bonding Polyester Resin (PDF - 115KB)
  • Altek® C668-B : Polyester Resin for Acrylic Tubs, Showers and Spas (PDF - 115KB)
  • Altek® C668-F : General Purpose Acrylic Bonding Polyester Resin (PDF - 117KB)
  •  Altek® C668-G : General Purpose Acrylic Bonding Polyester Resin (PDF - 118KB)
  • Altek® H520-E : General Purpose Skin Coat NEAT (PDF - 113KB)
  • Altek® C515-B : MACT Compliant, Dual Purpose Orthophthalic Polyester Resin for Backing ABS and/or Acrylic (PDF - 118KB)
  • Altek® H515-B : MACT Compliant Neat (non filled) Polyester Resin for backing ABS and/or acrylic (PDF - 119KB)

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