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AOC's Corrosion-Resistant Resins Critical to HCL Tanks

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HCL Tanks
HCL Tanks

May, 2014: Collierville, TN

Next month, oil and gas distributor Panther Industries Inc. will open a new 10-acre transload facility in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada, to move shipments of hydrochloric acid (HCL) from trains to trucks for transport to oil fields. A critical part of the facility is four fiberglass surge capacity tanks that ensure the company has enough products on hand for shipments.

Chemposite®, based in Delta, British Columbia, Canada, designed and manufactured the HCL tanks and liners, which feature AOC's Vipel® F010 and F085 corrosion-resistant resins. "Hydrochloric acid is a corrosive liquid and there are a lot of concerns," says Jamie Dewar, Fort Saskatchewan project manager for Panther Industries. "We had to ensure the tank was designed to handle both vacuum and pressure. And the choice of resin had to be compatible with the product as well."

The surge capacity tanks control pressure differences caused by the flow of HCL during the unloading process. They are designed to handle seismic loads, winds and frigid temperatures in Alberta. The tanks incorporate a dual resin system: Vipel® F010, which is used in the structural layer, is a premium epoxy vinyl ester, bisphenol-A offers a good balance of corrosion resistance and processability. The liner utilizes Vipel® F085, which is an epoxy novolac vinyl ester resin that has an exceptional organic solvent resistance with improved high-temperature properties.

AOC was a perfect partner for this project, says Marvin Hlynka, P.Eng., the engineer with Chemposite who designed the tanks. "AOC offers a good working relationship, great technical support with user friendly resin systems and they were very competitive in pricing and delivery."

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