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AOC Research and Development Team Promotions Enhance Innovation

October, 2012: Collierville, TN

AOC announces promotions in its Research & Development department, strengthening its commitment to the creation of innovative new technologies.

"These promotions effectively use the proven experience that our technology team members offer," said Fred Norman, Chief Executive Officer. "Delivering new products that improve performance and quality has helped AOC and our customers succeed – even through difficult economic times. Our commitment to future creativity for the composites industry is stronger than ever."

Research and Development Promotions

Dr. Tom Folda

Dr. Tom Folda is promoted to Senior Vice President, Technology. Folda is responsible for all aspects of AOC's product technology and research development. He has served AOC for 15 years and earned his Doctorate in Polymer Chemistry from the University of Mainz, Germany.

Mike Beebe

Mike Beebe is promoted to Director, Research and Development (R&D), Open Mold Synthesis/Analytical. Beebe is responsible for synthesis and analytical projects that support open mold activities. He also manages AOC's laboratories in Tennessee and Indiana and is responsible for AOC's polymer technologies in Europe. Beebe has 35 years in the industry and has a Master's Degree in Chemistry from Case Western University.

Dr. John McAlvin

Dr. John McAlvin is promoted to R&D Director, Open Mold. McAlvin is responsible for new and improvedmaterial technologies for open mold customers. He has been with AOC 12 years, during which he led the creation of EcoTek® Green Technologies and authored patents for styrene-free and UV-stable resins. McAlvin received his Doctorate in Chemistry from the University of Virginia and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Stony Brook University.

Dr. Thomas Steinhausler

Dr. Thomas Steinhausler is promoted to R&D Director, Closed Mold. Steinhausler is responsible for developing new resins and low profile additives for the closed mold sector, including sheet and bulk molding compounds, resin transfer molding, infusion and pultrusion. Steinhausler has been with AOC for 13 years. He has a Doctorate in Chemistry from Technical University Graz, Austria, and has completed post-doctoral research at the University of Texas at Austin.

About AOC Research & Development

The AOC Technology Team develops chemistries that help customers improve quality, boost performance and reduce costs. Their work is dedicated to improving the competitiveness of fiber-reinforced polymer composites and cast polymers versus alternative materials. AOC knows technology, lives quality and delivers service better than any other resin supplier. For more information, phone Leslie Beck at 901-854-2318 or email

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