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AOC Unveils New Gelcoat Mixer at Tennessee Plant

June, 2015 : Collierville, TN

AOC representatives gather for a dedication of the new gelcoat mixer. Pictured left to right:  Tom Folda, SVP Technology; Greg Ladd, Tennessee Colorants Plant Manager; Chris Lenegar, VP Global Purchasing; Dan Cox, VP Operations; Fred Norman, President and CEO; Matt Watkins, Executive VP; Fletcher Lindberg, VP Marketing; and Mark Harber, Business Manager.  Due to increasing demand for gelcoat products, AOC, LLC has installed a new 2,200-gallon mixer at its gelcoat and colorants manufacturing complex in Collierville, TN. 

“Our continued investment in gelcoat and colorant manufacturing underscores our commitment to exceptional quality, technology leadership and customer service,” said Mark Harber, AOC’s Business Manager.  “This new equipment expands our overall ability and flexibility to meet current and future customer needs.”  

The new mixer is designed to produce very consistent and robust gelcoat products.  “Our manufacturing and engineering group studied every aspect of our mixing experience and technology,” said Harber.  “They provided the best automated mixing system available and our products have been extremely consistent and have easily met specification from the first batch produced.”

AOC’s new state-of-the-art mixer was added to meet increasing demand for AOC gelcoat products.  AOC gelcoats are produced with unique AOC polymer resins and utilize the company’s proprietary process control and data collection system.  Detailed data from every stage of every process is recorded, analyzed and stored to continuously improve quality and consistency from batch to batch.  

With gelcoat manufacturing facilities in Collierville, TN and Guelph, Ontario, AOC gelcoats are used in a variety of products such as bathware, electrical applications, wind energy, boats, recreational vehicles, and heavy trucks. 

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AOC is a leading global supplier of resins, gelcoats, colorants, dispersions and synergistic material systems for composites and cast polymers. AOC’s proprietary manufacturing and control systems set the world standard for producing products of exacting consistency.  AOC delivers technology, quality, and service better than any other resin and gel coat supplier. For more information, visit contact Leslie Beck at (901) 854-2318 or email