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AOC is the leading global supplier of resins, gel coats, colorants and additives for the composites industry

Hand Lay Up / Spray Up

The hand lay up or spray up operations used for fabricating fiber-reinforced polymer composites have long benefitted from AOC resins. We provide a large selection of low-styrene resins and gel coats engineered specifically for both hand lay-up and spray-up of open mold systems. With superior mechanical properties, crack reduction, and excellent bonding characteristics, our resins produce the highest quality composites available.

  • Altek® H520-B : General Purpose Orthophthalic Laminating Resin (PDF - 119KB)
  • Altek® H541-A : Low HAP Marine Orthophthalic Resin (PDF - 132KB)
  • Altek® H550-H : Modified Orthophthalic Based General Purpose Polyester Resin (PDF - 118KB)
  • Altek® H559-B : General Purpose Orthophthalic Laminating Resin (PDF - 120KB)
  • Altek® H834-R : Low Volatiles Low Profile Laminating Resin (PDF - 132KB)
  • Altek® H596-A : General purpose, Toughened, Orthophthalic Polyester Resin (PDF - 122KB)

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