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More Resources for Going Green with AOC


More Resources for Going Green

AOC is leading the way in green technologies-but don't just take our word for it. Browse our Case Histories and Technical Papers and get the details on how AOC is helping customers achieve greener, more sustainable manufacturing processes.

Case Histories

PDF Swimming pools are “green” with EcoTek® (PDF - 0KB)

Technical Papers

PDF Green Composites Through the Use of Styrene-Free Resins and Unsaturated (PDF - 450KB)
PDF Polyesters Derived from Renewable and Recycled Raw Materials (PDF - 450KB)


PDF EcoTek® Product Selection Guide (PDF - 0KB)

Our growing line of sustainable, recycled and styrene-free cast polymers and composites may help your organization become better environmental stewards, establish a market advantage and meet regulatory standards without sacrificing end-product quality or existing manufacturing processes. From corrosion-resistant CIPP applications and swimming pool linings to fire-retardant polyester resin and styrene-free pipe liners, we have the green technologies to fit your needs:

  • Cast polymers with renewable/recycled content
  • Vipel® cured-in-place-pipes (CIPP)
  • Closed mold resins with renewable/recycled content
  • Corrosion-resistant resins for pipes, tanks & grating
  • Fire-retardant & low-smoke resins for mass transit
  • Open mold laminating for marine & other applications

For further information about our EcoTek Green Technologies and how they can help your company go green, contact us today, or visit our EcoTek website at . Just ask our Green Resins Advisor for details.

Green Product Technologies

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